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Hashmi Fitness Club

Hashmi Fitness Club is a gym, yoga, and meditation center. We offers different type of gym exercises and meditation classes. Today's, unhealthy diet and stressful life affects your overall body performance and decrease your stamina and change the shape of your body. We can help you to solve all of this problem. We have team of educated and well experienced trainers that will help you to be fit and healthy

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Our Classes

Daily all people are stressful because full day workload and meditation helps people to find peace in their mind. Meditation is the key of healthy brain and if you are interested in meditation so join our meditation classes. The second thing we offering is gym for those who interested in making muscular body. Gym helps to maintain your body in shape and decrease the unwanted fat. And the last thing we offer is yoga. In yoga all the instructor are masters in yoga. Yoga improve your inner body condition like increase the flow of blood, decrease blood pressure, prevent from heart disease, etc. Each yoga asana help to improve body condition.

Why Choose Us

We starts teaching you with some asanas that are easy, but when you pass intermediate level we will teach you some difficult and tricky asana, which doesn’t sound appealing to everyday busy people like us.
The very first step starts with eliminating your internal resistance. So, we’ll find for you a friendly expert trainer : Our trainer provide personalized attention for every student who doing yoga, gym and meditation in our Club.
Customized solutions: We have a custom Yoga, meditation and gym solution for all your needs. If you’re suffering from joint pain problem, our trainer will arrange the special training for you.