Our Classes

We have three different departments for yoga, meditation and gym. So people are comfortable and get some free space for workout. Glad with hashmi have best of best gym instructor, meditation and yoga master. Timing of classes is very flexible you can arrange sometime for workout.

Yoga Classes

Yoga help you in relaxing your mind and improve the performance the internal body function. We provide mat and yoga cloths for better comfortable when you perform different asana. According to your physically health condition our yoga master decide your yoga asana and make a schedules for you. There are three different classes for beginner, intermediate, and advance.

Meditation Classes

In meditation classes you don't need to sit all the time. In our meditation classes perform some activity which help you to relax your brain. Meditation focus on managing your emotions, thoughts, body reaction, and feeling. Meditation classes enhance the performance of the brain in same way gym can help you to enhance your body fitness.

Gym Classes

Our gym session help you achieve your goals in hygienic environment with supportive instructor. It depends on you what you want in this session if you want to gain muscles, increase strength, lose weight our instructor help you with that. And give you diet chart help you to lose or gain weight in your body.