About Us

Hashmi Fitness Club is a gym, yoga, and meditation center. This center is present in Okhala Main Market, New Delhi. We offers different type of gym exercises and meditation classes. Today's, unhealthy diet and stressful life affects your overall body performance and and change the shape of your body. We can help you to solve all of this problem. We have team of educated and well experienced trainers that will help you to be fit and healthy. Our main focus on interconnection between brain and body. It will improve your muscular body and brain function. If you need any help we are always ready and give you the best advice . our team will be very happy by helping have you. All the persons who came here are very satisfied with the improvements they noticed. .

“I would highly recommend this for all who have the desire to understand the joy that yoga practice brings to ones life and beyond Yoga is something I look forward to in my week”

Sagar Verma, Delhi